Interesting Tips I Found...

  Hi guys! I found a couple of interesting tips for drawing that I wanted to share. Take a look! -Draw upside down -Use the grid method -Everything good comes in threes (Actually now that I think about it, things look better in threes a lot than twos.) -Try holding your pencil in different ways Comment if you tried any and if they worked!

I found this...

Hi everyone! I just realized I hadn't posted anything in about a month, so here ya go! (Also please comment!) I was sketching last night and was trying to draw a couple different landscapes with trees in them. I'm not really the best at drawing trees, so I looked up a couple of pictures and websites. I don't know what kind of tree one of them would be, but the other was a weeping willow tree. They look like this... Anyways, (sorry I don't have any pictures!) a really simple and easy way to draw this I found is to make an outline of a trunk and just make somewhat loopy lines for the leaves (at least I think they're leaves). Here's a picture I found... (The person who did this is named Swati Singh, I think) The 2nd thing I found was a link instead of a drawing. The link turned out to be pretty helpful, because it gives you step-by-step instructions for drawing a realistic-looking tree with pencils. Click  here  if you want to see! That's all for now! I'll

Oil Pastel Pictures!

  Hi again! Today I tried using oil pastels, since I haven't in a very long time. I looked up a couple of pictures to help me, and here's what I got! As you can maybe tell I haven't done them in a little while. How I did my blending was just using a paper towel and rubbing on the paper gently, but I think you can also use... -A tissue (it's nice and soft) instead of a paper towel -Your finger -And more!  I think the oil pastels I used were Pentel Oil Pastels. That's all for now!

Yarn Bag Tour!

  Hi everyone! Here's a quick tour of my yarn bag! (That's our cat, Loki, sniffing the bag.) Here's the actual yarn bag. I got it from Hobby Lobby for my birthday. I also got these for Christmas. I think they're BCMRUN 14pcs Crochet Hooks. They fit nicely into this side pocket. (The other side pocket is filled with just a bunch of random stuff.) And inside I keep a lot of the projects that I'm working on.  Btw, this yarn is sooo soft! Chenille yarn feels so silky. I actually got it for Easter, at the Dollar Store. I wonder what I should make with this one... Anyways, that's all for now!

Easter Decorations!

  Here's a fun, quick way to make Easter decorations out of bottles! My grandma and a couple of sisters and me all made these. Do you like them? Comment what you did for Easter decorations!

Crocheted Bunny!

  Hi again! I was crocheting a lot this week and made my sister Hattie an amigurumi bunny for a birthday present! Unfortunately, I didn't write the pattern down. Here's a quick video I made of the bunny!  Comment what you think. Hope you liked it!

Crochet Headband!

  Hi everyone! Last night I was crochet and made this for my sister, Lily! I think it turned out pretty good. I found the pattern here (it's not a pattern that I thought up of): Crochet Headband Knit like Stitch ( See ya later!